Probate Fee Calculator


Probate Fee Calculator

The calculator below estimates the cost of taking a person’s estate through a probate court process after death. State law sets probate fees as a percentage of the market value of a person’s assets subject to probate (real estate, bank accounts, business interests, etc.) without subtracting the person’s debts from that value. Retirement accounts that have designated beneficiaries and assets placed in a living trust are generally not subject to probate. You can use the calculator below to estimate Probate attorney’s fees and executor commissions for the administration of estates valued over $150,000.
Property Subject to Probate Administration

Total Fees

Breakdown of calculation

This calculator is informational only and is not legal advice. It provides a general estimate of probate fees based on the statutory fees set in California Probate Code Section 10810. Fees may vary depending on the facts of the case. Enter your email to get a copy of this estimate.