Introduction to the Science of Flourishing

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Introduction to Flourishing

What if the secret to a flourishing life was actually a formula? What if the elements were already known? Over two decades of research have been dedicated to uncovering what enables people to live vibrant, flourishing lives. Positive psychology is a relatively new field of study that uses rigorous science to answer the question, ‘What’s right with you? And, how can we build more of that?’ Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, overworked, disengaged, over-stimulated, or generally dissatisfied with life? During this eye-opening, interactive workshop we will explore:

  • The definition of Positive Psychology and why psychologists felt a new field of study was needed.

  • 3 Myths about Positive Psychology, sometimes called the Science of Happiness

  • 3 Facts about Positive Psychology and what the science has taught us.

  • 3 Tools you can use now to start taking steps toward a life of flourishing.

  • Languishing and why people fail to change in spite of intentions, efforts, and knowledge.

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