Yearly Reviews - Self Assessment


Yearly Reviews - Self Assessment

Please read through the Core Values, Core Focus, and The CEE's before you begin. Included in your email are your Year to Date performance results. The payroll time frame is from Dec 17, 2022 - Dec 15 2023

TOGETHER - strengthen each other side-by-side
SERVICE - commit to our customers and each other

KINDNESS - be friendly, generous and considerate
DIGNITY - see each other as being worthy of honor and respect
RESPONSIBILITY - be a good steward of our retail experience

Purpose/Cause/Passion: Improving lives - one person, one pair at a time.

Our Niche: We provide footwear with unmatched comfort, style and fit that enables people to get on their feet and get to what matters.

Customer Experience Essentials
Stay attentive, watch the floor, be available, always be fair and do the right thing.
Walk towards the customer with a friendly greeting and a warm smile followed by an engaging question.
Seat the customer, measure and evaluate their feet then ask questions.
Find solutions by bringing out an appropriate selection of footwear and accessories.
Embrace all retail policies to make the customer feel comfortable with their experience at Schuler Shoes.

Please complete the review questions as accurately as possible based on the definitions below:

Definitions for scoring:
1pt - Sometimes -Occasionally rather than all the time or every so often.
2pts - Often – Frequently, many times or numerous occasions.
3pts - Always – At all times, on all occasions without fail.