Hadoop Express Robotics Center for Talented Youth (RCTY) bring the State-of-the-art Curriculum and Technology in Robotics to Schools. The introductory course of Robotics inspires students to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding skills through hands-on STEAM learning experience.


“Creativity breeds innovation, so we must breed creativity.”

Students participate in 12-week Project based, Hands-on Learning sessions (1 hour every week) and design solutions to variety of challenges.


  • Students program unique, simple robots made with Lego® bricks using drag-and-drop blocks on iPads.

  • We allow them to explore motion detectors, sound haptics, and all else the robot world has to offer.

  • This program for young ones builds confidence, learning habits and teamwork skills.

  • The program is designed to stimulate thinking in young minds.

  • Creativity is encouraged to allow kids to use their imagination to expand or enhance their robot models.

  • Examples of robots created are a spy robot, a snail and several others.

ROBOTICS 1 [GRADES 2nd to 4th]

  • A foundational robotics program that familiarizes young students in building actual self-directed robots.

  • Students learn how to use Lego® blocks in combination with motors and sensors using physical science concepts including gears, pulleys, levers, wheels, and axles.

  • Students learn to how to construct algorithms and basic programming concepts such as conditional logic and iteration.

  • They are allowed to construct their very own robot from scratch - spinning tops, flying birds, race cars, cranes, lunar robots, and more are all on the table.

ROBOTICS 2 [GRADES 4th to 6th]

  • Students in this program create more complex and powerful robots using advanced Lego® kits. Robots are programmed using block programming which is an interface on iPads, laptops and desktops that allows graphical blocks to be drag-dropped on a canvas on the screen.

  • Students are given access to upper end motors and sensors to experiment with, such as touch, ultrasonic, color, and gyro sensors.

  • They can build robots that can autonomously lift and drop objects, avoid obstacles, walk, and talk.