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$1.87 each Berlin Matte Eurotote Foil Print
$5.00 Sun Shade (Car)
$0.73 each Wrangler Logo Foldup Handle Fan
$1.06 each Souvenir Highlighter Stylus Pen Combo
$0.70 each 3/4'' Polyester Lanyard
$0.50 each 16 oz. Stadium Cup
$4.05 each Vertical Badge Holder with Retractable Lanyard
$1.25 each Volleyball Stress Reliever
$1.25 each Baseball Stress Reliever
$1.31 each Basketball Stress Reliever
$1.31 each Golf Ball Stress Reliever
$12.18 each 2 in 1 USB Type-C Adapter
$3.23 each Reflective Rimless Sunglasses
$5.75 each Showtime Selfie Cell Phone Light
$0.60 each Keyboard Tech tattoos

24 Pack of 16.9 fl. oz. water bottles

 Odessa College Water (New Branding Logo)
$0.29 Odessa College Pencils
$1.00 Odessa College 4GB Flash Drives (CLEARANCE SALE)
$2.00 each OC Logo 4GB USB Drive
$0.78 each OC Logo Web Cam Covers
$5.60 each OC Logo 3 in 1 Charger Man
$1.80 OC Logo Silicone Straw in Capsule
$2.05 OC Logo 2.19 oz Uniform Hand Sanitizer
$0.37 OC Logo Prismatic Foil Wrap pencil
$2.50 each OC Logo Smooth Armrest Chair Stress Reliever (BLUE)
$12.60  OC Logo Mini Bluetooth Speaker
$0.72 each (New Design) Odessa College Folder

$3.67 each

Clear Vinyl Stadium Bag

$2.01 each

Dual Pocket Drawstring Backpack

$7.19 each

Wide Mouth Sports Bottle

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