Mountain High Chai ORDERS

Thank you so much for supporting us.  We're determined to change the way, and raise the bar, on how the world experiences chai.

**Easy Ordering Steps**

1-ORDER: Place your order below for our chai-spiced non-tea concentrate and chai spices dusting powder sprinkles. Our small batches are typically brewed at the beginning of the month, exclusively based on standing orders, so if we don't have inventory, you'll receive it after our next brew date! Wholesale orders must be placed before the 25th of each month.

2-COMMUNICATION & DELIVERY/PICKUP: We'll send you a text or email when your order is ready for pickup at the location you selected. Once received, go the the location and let them know you're picking up a retail order from Mountain High Chai.  Don't forget your glass bottles for recycling! (We will retain your contact information for future reminders/messages or big announcements, but will never use it beyond Mountain High Chai.)

3-ENJOY & SHARE: Nothing makes us more happier than to hear how much you're using & loving your Chai! Because it's decaffeinated, it has endless possibilities.  Please post photos on your social media (tag @mountainhighchai) so we can celebrate you too!

Thank you for your support, your love, and your business.  We're proud to be family owned, Utah local, vegan, and made with organic and zero waste goals!  You'll find us in some of the finest food establishments in Utah, bakeries, and local coffee shops.

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RETAIL: Please pickup your order no later than 10 days of your text or email notification. Items not picked up may not receive a refund, due to the expiration of the product.
WHOLESALE: All monthly orders must be placed by the 25th of the month. Click WHOLESALE for the delivery option/location.

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