GRACE Science Summer Camp

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GRACE Science Summer Camp

Congratulations! We are excited to offer our first ever free summer camp for middle school students to study NASA's GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experience) mission.  We will learn how fluctuations in gravity affect changes in water levels and movement as they pertain to the human ecology, a major factor in combatting climate change.  Such opportunities promote collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking among students and their adult mentors and offer an appreciation of what can be done in this area to slow the impact of climate change.


The $25.00 fee is to secure your child's participation in the summer camp. Your child must be present on June 19th in order to receive refund. This camp is paid for by a CFES grant through Minds in Motion Children's Museum.

Registration ($25.00 refundable fee)

Please list any and all allergies as well as medications that need to be administered to your child.