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Mission, Purpose, and Vision of Lux Sanctum Inferni


Lux Sanctum Inferni (LSI) is a local, inclusive organization which supports and advocates for the various people and their communities who are followers of “Left Hand Path teachings and practices” as defined by Lux Sanctum Inferni. We also support and advocate for allies who share complimentary purposes, missions, visions, and goals with us. 


Located in Kansas City, Missouri, our mission is to provide a supportive and educational environment for those who wish to know more about the Left-Hand Path teachings and practices, as well as being a support and advocate to our community through community outreach, social justice, and fellowship. We strive to create excellence through empowering one another and creating a strong community in which together we rise.


It is Lux Sanctum Inferni’s vision to create and nurture a community of mentorship, where each member can feel safe, supported, included, and welcomed to contribute, in ways the best fit the needs of the community and as guided by the leadership team.

Defining our Mission, Purpose, and Vision:

In this organization, all voices have the opportunity to be heard, and all within the organization are to be treated with dignity and respect. It is our goal for our organization to be a safe space for all who come here to learn about and/or practice “Left-Hand Path teachings and practices” as defined by our organization.

Those who would be considered as allies to Lux Sanctum Inferni are people, organizations, and others who share complimentary visions and goals. Their roles within the organization are to be supportive of Lux Sanctum Inferni and to respect the mission, vision, and purpose of our organization.

We seek to partner and network with those who consider themselves as allies to our cause. For together, we rise!

Lux Sanctum Inferni’s Definition of “Left-Hand Path Teachings and Practices":

“Left-Hand Path teachings and practices” as we have come to understand it to be, are teachings and/or practices which focus on individual strength and sorcery through the embracing of concepts and ideas which are often considered taboo. It encompasses various ideas and practices which teach an individual that true power comes from within oneself and encourages others to take command of their own destiny through personal accountability. It includes those who dare to question religious morals and dogmas in order to find liberation and, in turn, discover their own truths. Those who follow “Left-Hand Path teachings and practices” seek to embrace the dark and the light in order to use the alchemical formula solve et coagula (“dissolve and precipitate”), confronting the negative and transmuting it into something positive (sometimes vice versa). The various elements of the “Left-Hand Path teachings and practices ” include, but are not limited to the following: Luciferianism, Satanism, Demonolatry, Qliphothic studies, Qayinism, various forms of Paganism, Hedonism, and other miscellaneous teachings and practices which fall under this explanation. However, we do not allow this explanation to be the end all be all definition of “Left-Hand Path teachings and practices.” For it is up to each of us to find our own meaning within it.


By filling out this form, you agree to the above description of Lux Sanctum Inferni. 

Any violations of this agreement will result in the immediate revocation of any current or future memberships with Lux Sanctum Inferni.

All information collected will be kept confidential and not to be shared to any extremal sources and are to be  solely used for administrative purposes within the organization itself.

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