Laundry Pick-Up Request

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Laundry Pick-Up Request

$1/lb - min $20 per order is charged when pick up is requested and your order is placed.

Orders that exceed our minimum order charge (20lbs+) will have the remaining difference invoiced separately at the time of delivery

Pick-Up Hours 9am-8pm

Orders Placed Before 3pm - Delivered by 12pm the Following Day

Orders Placed After 3pm - Delivered by 8pm the Following Day

Street, Apt#, City, State, Zipcode
Ex: Front Door, Carport, Back Patio, Concierge/Front Desk, etc
Pick-Up Hours: 9AM-8PM 
Unless Requested, all Orders Are Washed Separately In Cold Water and Dried On Medium Heat.
Hangers Must Be Provided For Hang Dry Items 
Ex: Gate Codes, Hotel Name, Etc

Any orders exceeding 20lbs will receive a separate invoice with a link to complete payment at the time of delivery.

(For reference, 1 standard trash bag = ~10lbs)