Laos Cultural New Year Celebration

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Laos Cultural New Year Celebration

Event Dates: May 11-12th 2024
Event Address: Wat Brahmacariyakaram S. Orange Ave Fresno, Ca 93725

Men and Women’s -Jordan (559) 269-4601, Chalee (559) 960-4893, Casey (559) 930-0972
Youth Girls and Boys-, Chalee (559) 960-4893, Casey (559) 930-0972, and Phenix (559) 281-7632

To all participating players,

You are participating in the Laos Cultural New Year Event tournament held in the new Wat Brahmacariyakaram Grounds.  By registering for this event form, you waive the rights to play at your own risk if you get injured due to minor or major injuries.

Thank you again for participating in this event!

Tournament information
Register open now - April 10th
Late charge of $100 will take place after till April 20th for all late registration.

Men’s register fee: $100
Youth (both girls & boys)register fee:$50
Women’s register fee: $75

Men’s first place: $1200 + Trophy
Men’s second place: $500
Men’s 3rd place: $250

Youth first place: $500 + Trophy
Youth second place: $250

Women’s first place: $750+ Trophy
Women’s second place: $300
Women’s 3rd place: $150

Team Roster
Please read and complete this form.  

A team may register no less than 6 players.  Each team is allow to have one libero per set, (not matches). Tournament will be pool plays round robin and the next day will be single elimination. Teams will be place in brackets according to their match records. Teams that has a tie, will battle it out one set to seed in a higher spot.

All teams are encouraged to police each other as to the eligibilities of the players, and report to the Volleyball Coordinator any eligibility issues.  If a player’s eligibility is in question, he or she may not participate in this tournament until eligibility status can be verified.  In addition, the ineligible player shall be substituted out immediately if the game is already in progress.    

Men’s & Women’s
Outdoor rules, no open hand set on hit or serves. Back row setters can’t open hand tip only fist is permitted.
For women’s only: women’s will be allowed to do open hand set on hard hits only not on serves. Doubles are permitted on first touch besides serve receives.

Youth for girls and boys
Will be international rules, players can overlap but back row must attack from the 10ft line and again back row setters can’t do and open hand tip only fist.

Tournament formats
Men’s and Women’s only:
Pool plays
Top 3 from pool will go to bracket play for all divisions.

All team makes it to playoff, during playoff it will be single elimination. (Meaning one lost match and your out)

Side out scoring to 15 best out of 3 no caps

Parking fees $10 for temple donations
Event entry is $10 for everyone

Note: all players on rosters will get the 50% off the entry fee once it’s finalize but must reserve before and pay for event gate tickets before April 20th. Tickets will be given out at gate with roster checks or to hand out to local teams once they are purchased.

Please input comma after each name. Thank you!
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