10/8/23: Kamayan Farm Fresh Sheet

Welcome to our weekly fresh sheet! Please read these following notes on our ordering procedures:

** Please place your orders by Wednesday at 4 pm for delivery Thursday afternoon.

-- Once we receive your order, we will send you and invoice and coordinate delivery time.

-- We have a $75 delivery minimum

-- We deliver to the following neighborhoods: Capitol Hill, Central District, International District, SODO, Beacon Hill, Georgetown, Columbia City, Rainier Beach/Valley.

-- If you are outside our delivery areas or need more delivery options, please contact us directly at kamayanfarm@gmail.com

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$4.00 Bottle Gourd

*Limited Quantities*

Gailaan (Chinese Broccoli), Bunched

By the pound

Cabbage, Napa
$2.50 Chard, Rainbow

by the pound; rhizome only

Ginger (Root only)

by the pound; rhizome and leaves

Ginger with Leaves

~4 oz bunches

Ginger Leaves, Bunched

per bunch

Kale, Curly (Bunched)
$3.00 Kale, Lacinato
$3.00 Mizuna, Pink, Bunched
$12.00 Mustard Greens, Baby

Tender greens with big leaves

Komatsuna, Bunched
$5.00 Peppers, Espelette

Mild and fruity 2-3" fruits

Peppers, Czech Black

from Kosovo with similar heat as Cayenne

Peppers, Sarit Gat

Korean pepper typically used for gochugaru and gochujang

Peppers, Lady Han

~1-2" fruits, medium-hot with thick walls

Peppers, Thai Giant

*Limited Quantities* Price per lb

Peppers, Shishitos

Baby Mustards, Mizuna, and Lettuce; By the pound.

Salad Mix, Spicy
$3.00 Radish, French Breakfast

Slightly smaller than your storage daikon; roots around 1" in diameter

Radish, Daikon (Miyashige), Baby

Chinese radish with 3-4" roots and sweet/spicy flavor

Radish, Shunkyo
$3.00 Tokyo Bekana, Bunched

Crisp and tangy green heirloom tomatoes

Tomato, Green
$2.50 Tomatillos
$1.75 Winter Squash, Delicata

Sold out!

Order early to avoid missing out next time

Out of stock


From $3.00

Wild red perilla with iridescent leaves

Cha Jogi

Large bunches of cilantro with flowers

Cilantro, Flowering
$2.00 Dill, Flowering
From $4.00

Large, heart shaped, green on top, with lilac undersides

Kkaennip (Korean Perilla)
$2.00 Parsley, Italian Flat
$2.00 Sage
$2.00 Thyme

Edible Flowers

From $6.00

Pinks, Purples, White, and Blues

Bachelor Buttons
From $10.00

Starry flowers in blue, and hypercolor pink/purple

From $6.00

Currently have peach tones

From $8.00

Selection of best edible blooms

Edible Flower Mix

Classic aromatic bitter; bunches include flowers and leaves

From $8.00

~1” flowers in yellow, orange, and red

Marigold, Gems
From $5.00

Yellow, red, and peach colored blooms

From $5.00

Frilly yellow, red, and white edible blooms

Snapdragon Mix

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