Enter Irth's Holiday Sweepstakes!


Enter Irth's Holiday Sweepstakes!

Have you recently been pregnant, given birth or assisted/supported (partner, doula, etc.) a pregnant person of color in the past two years? Leave a review of your birthing experience(s) on the Irth App for the chance to win $250 or $500.

How to Enter Irth's City Holiday Sweepstakes:

1. Download the Irth App on Google Play or the App Store

2. Leave a prenatal, birthing, postpartum or pediatric review on the app

3. Screenshot your "Review Submitted" screen(s) or the screen of all submitted reviews.

4. Fill out this form and attach your screenshot(s), then click "Submit"

That's it, you're entered!

Official Rules:

Each review you submit equals an entry.

Winner will be randomly selected.

*If uploading screenshots does not work READ THIS*

If uploading screenshots here does not work please email screenshot(s) to socialmedia@irthapp.com.