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Foodbox Order Form (Oct 02 - Oct 06)

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Please fill out this form to place your vegetarian/non-vegetarian Indian food tiffin service. We offer a variety of dishes made with fresh, high quality ingredients.

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Things to note

  • Daily menu is subject to change

  • All orders will be delivered to Amazon Reception on or before 12:30 PM.

  • Delivery update will be provided in the Whatsapp group

  • New* Pick up location - Khushi Bellevue ( 595 106th NE, Bellevue,WA 98004) between 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM

  • Evening Pick up Location: Khushi Bellevue ( 595 106th NE, Bellevue,WA 98004) between 5:00 PM and 7:00PM

Meal box will be 16 oz containing : 

  1. 2 curries (Veg/Non-Veg)

  2. Rice of the day (can be Cumin, Peas, Plain, etc.)

  3. Wheat Roti (2)

* Food may contain nuts, wheat, sesame, soya beans, dairy products. 

* Food spice level 3/5

*Term of Service:


Monday Meal Box

Murgh Korma: Rich, creamy Indian chicken curry with aromatic spices.

Aloo Methi: Potato and fenugreek leaves stir-fry, a flavorful side dish.

Masoor Dal: Red lentil stew, Indian comfort food with spices.

Rice: Basmati Rice

Tuesday Meal Box

  1. Rajasthani Junglee Murgh: Spicy Rajasthan-style wild chicken preparation with bold flavors.

  2. Paneer Dahiwala: Creamy cottage cheese curry with yogurt-based sauce.

  3. Aloo Beans: Potato and green bean stir-fry, a tasty vegetable dish.

  4. Dal Makhani: Creamy black lentil curry, a North Indian favorite.

Wednesday Meal Box

  1. Malwani Chicken: Spicy coastal Indian chicken dish with coconut and spices.

  2. Veg Kolhapuri: Mixed vegetable curry from Maharashtra with fiery flavors.

  3. Matar Methi Tamatar: Peas and fenugreek in tomato-based gravy, a wholesome dish.

  4. Amity Dal: Dal (lentil curry) prepared in Amity University's style.

Thursday Meal Box

  1. Chicken Changezi: Rich, flavorful chicken curry with roots in Delhi.

  2. Veg Kofta Saagwala: Vegetable balls in spinach-based gravy, a nutritious choice.

  3. Mix Veg Curry: Assorted vegetables in aromatic sauce, a classic dish.

  4. Dal Tadka: Tempered lentil soup, a staple of Indian cuisine.

Friday Meal Box

  1. Chicken 65: Spicy South Indian fried chicken appetizer.

  2. Deewani Handi: A rich mixed vegetable curry, full of flavors.

  3. Dal Palak: Spinach and lentil soup, a healthy and tasty combo.

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