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Welcome to our online shop! You can now place your orders online and we will contact you for further instructions.

To calculate the total cost for your cleaning service, simply add up the prices for the following items:

  • Square Footage: Choose the applicable range and price.

  • Rooms: Add the charges for bedrooms, bathrooms, and bonus rooms.

  • Appliances: Include the cost for the oven and fridge.

  • Extras: Consider any charges for pet hair removal.

After adding up these individual item prices, you will have the total cost for your cleaning service.

**Please note that in case of an incorrect booking, additional charges may be applicable**


Select the amount of square feet including Bedrooms & Bathrooms


Ranging from 1 - 3000+ square feet

Square footage variations
$15.00 Bedrooms
$25.00 Bathrooms
$10.00 Bonus room / area

Appliances and Extras

All appliances will be cleaned regarding the outside, this purchase would include cleaning the inside and applying stainless steel polish!

$20.00 Oven Cleaning (Inside)
$20.00 Fridge Cleaning (Inside)

Please give an accurate quantity of pets that have been occupying the unit!

Pet Hair (Each Pet)

Order Summary

**In rare instances, a double charge (per subject) may be necessary due to unusual circumstances** 

Contact details

If this is a business purchase please include business name

Gate codes, unit access instructions, unit availability timeframe. Helps us with servicing your needs in a timely and respectful manner!

Review and place your order

Please review your order carefully before submitting it for processing.