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EAC x K-Pop Christmas Order Form

HEY EAGLES! The holiday season is right around the corner and EAC & K-Pop have the perfect gift-giving opportunity for you! Customize a tote bag, toploader, or a bundle of both as a gift for friends, family, or even for yourself!

Place orders for your items ASAP and join us for our decoration session* which will be announced on our Instagram very soon..!

*We will host both a lunch decoration session, as well as a longer session after school. If you are unable to attend, you may choose to either pick up your items or have them delivered to your friend of choice but the supplies such as paint, brushes, stickers, and such will unfortunately no longer be available for use. Please keep this in mind before ordering.


Order a toploader and a custom photocard alongside it!

For a little extra, our team will decorate your toploader for you!

Toploader w/ Photocard

Purchase a blank tote bag to decorate with paints offered at our decoration session! After you've decorated, we'll handle delivery to your friends for you!

11" Cotton Tote Bag

Photo is not what our tote and toploader look like, this is merely a reference pic.

Bundle and save! Get a tote bag to decorate and a toploader & photocard kit together for only $7.


Toploader & Tote Bundle

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You can only order for TWO recipients at a time. Please fill a new form if you want to order for more than two separate recipients.

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We are not responsible if your photos are blurry or are low quality :(. Please try to select higher quality pics! We will reach out if we have issues with your photo(s).

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If you aren't sending items to anyone, write "N/A"

Again, write "N/A" if not sending to anyone.

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