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Crafty Kiddos - 24 Days of Elf Fun!

Before you know it, it will be time for Santa's little helper to return! If you're feeling like your E on the S game could use a little help, Crafty Kiddos has got your back! We have put together a box of 24 days of fun for your little Elf!

Your box will include:
-24 bags of supplies, for 24 nights of fun! (ALL NEW SCENES!)
-24 brief notes from your elf to your child.
-All bags labeled with directions, supplies, and anything needed for your nightly set-up.
-Additional notes (welcome, good-bye, Elf on Strike, and a note for not moving, just in case!).
-Additional supplies (rubber bands, glue dots, etc.)
-A picture grid that will guide you for each set up.
(Does NOT include the elf)

Boxes will be available for pick-up, delivery, and USPS. Boxes will be discreet, so your child does not know what is inside.

After you submit your order, you will be able to choose from PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle (listed as "Bank Transfer")