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Meal of the Week: 14 May 2023

Ensalda Fresca Con Pollo 🌱

Beautifully balanced chicken salad, with a sweet crunch of strawberries and local pecans, complemented by the zesty kick of lemon olive oil aioli. Cucumbers and local cilantro microgreens add a refreshing pop of flavor.

$13.00 Ensalda Fresca Con Pollo

Watch how the Ensalda Fresca Con Pollo dish was crafted

Honey-Ginger Chicken Delight

Succulent and sweet honey-ginger glazed chicken served atop fluffy white rice and paired with tender, crunchy broccoli. Topped with vibrant rambo radish microgreens and sweet bell pepper.

$13.00 Honey-Ginger Chicken Delight

Watch how the Honey-Ginger Chicken Delight was crafted!

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5 for $55 Special
Ensalada Fresca Con Pollo Honey-Ginger Chicken

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