Ava's Fundraiser has ended, delivery is expected Oct. 3rd.

This year Ava and her High school band are having a Coca-Cola Product sale to raise money for band events and for a summer trip to Hawaii. For this fundraiser, 40% of your total purchase goes directly to Ava. Please support Ava by purchasing any of the Coca-Cola products by using this order form. Products will become available starting Tuesday, Oct. 3rd. Ava and I will contact you about your order and schedule delivery once the products arrive. All orders must be placed BY Friday, September 22nd. Thank you for supporting Ava and her High School Band this year!

Choose your Coca Cola Products

Please select which Coca Cola products and how many of each you would like to order.


$28 per case (24 count 20oz bottles)

Coca Cola Products
1 2 3 4
Coca Cola $28.00
Coke Zero $28.00
Diet Coke $28.00
Dr Pepper $28.00
Diet Dr Pepper $28.00
Dr Pepper Zero $28.00
Fanta Orange $28.00
Sprite $28.00

24 count 20 oz bottles

1 2 3 4

$28 per case (24 count 20 oz bottles)

Powerade Sports Drinks
1 2 3 4
Mountain Blast
Fruit Punch
Powerade ZERO Mixed Berry
Powerade ZERO Fruit Punch

$22 per case (12 count 16oz bottles)

Body Armor Sports Drink
1 2 3 4
Mixed Berry
Fruit Punch
Orange Mango
Berry Lemonade
Watermelon Strawberry

$28 per case (12 count 13.7 oz bottles)

Dunkin' Iced Coffee
1 2 3 4
Original Dunkin' Iced Coffee
French Vanilla

$32 per case (24 count 12 oz bottles)

Other Products
1 2 3 4
Mexican Coke
Topo Chico Natural

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