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Welcome to Witch Kitch!

Owned and operated by professionally trained Culinary and Pastry Chef, Jenn Schoenbart, we focus on delivering clean and delicious food to your door and dinner table for your family to enjoy together.

Witch Kitch was created as a solution to put family first, and delicious meals (at a close) second!  We believe that mealtimes are about more than just food, they’re about creating memories and experiences. 

Order your meals weekly online and receive your selected dishes on your doorstep. Eliminate grocery shopping, cooking, kitchen clean-up, and wasted food. 

It’s so simple, it may even seem like magic!

Weekly Menu for Delivery on 1/23

Order by 1/17

Full orders are intended to feed 4 adults.

Half orders are intended to feed 2 adults.


🌱 Vegetarian

Ⓥ Vegan


Grilled organic chicken breast seasoned with chipotle in adobo, chili powder, cumin, and lime juice. Served with sauteed bell peppers and onion, shredded cheese, iceberg lettuce, homemade pico de gallo and zesty sour cream. Your choice of corn or flour tortillas.

Contains: milk.

Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas only.


Variety of mushrooms seasoned with chipotle in adobo, chili powder, cumin and lime juice. Served with sauteed bell peppers and onion, shredded cheese, iceberg lettuce, homemade pico de gallo and zesty sour cream. Your choice of corn or flour tortillas.

Contains: milk.

Chipotle Mushrooms Fajitas🌱

Colossal shrimp skewers marinated in garlic, ginger, jalapenos, and mustard powder. Grilled with onions and fresh lemon juice. Garnished with cilantro.

Contains: shellfish.

Tandoori Shrimp

Fluffy, baked organic pasture-raised eggs, Atlantic smoked salmon, red onions, capers, dill, and everything but the bagel seasoning.

Contains: egg, milk, fish.

Contains 1 - 8" frittata.

Smoked Salmon Frittata

Homemade chicken broth simmered with mirepoix, fresh herbs and scratch-made matzah balls.

Contains: egg, milk.

Sold by the quart.

Matzah Ball Soup

Steamed white rice seasoned with cilantro, onion powder, lime juice and zest.

Contains: milk.

4 servings.

Cilantro Rice🌱

Char-grilled zucchini tossed with olive oil, blistered grape tomatoes and sea salt.

Contains: no allergens present.

4 servings.

Grilled Zucchini with Tomatoes Ⓥ

Organic steamed broccoli sprinkled with coarse sea salt.

Contains: no allergens present.

4 servings.

Steamed Broccoli with Sea Salt Ⓥ

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How does payment work?

For the time being, Witch Kitch will be charging customers via Venmo.  After placing an order through our form, we will charge you through our Witch Kitch Venmo account.  Payment must be made prior to delivery.  The current order form will showcase your total amount due, so you can expect that price to reflect in your Venmo charge.  

How frequently will the Witch Kitch menu change?

The Witch Kitch menu will change weekly for the most part.  Items that are high in demand will be featured more frequently.  We always love to hear customer feedback.  If there are items that you would like to see featured more frequently, let us know!  We are happy to offer static menu items based on request.  

What if I don't like something featured on the menu?

Our menu features everything a la carte.  This means you can pick and choose exactly what you’d like to order.  Weekly, we will offer various menu items all intended to be purchased separately.  The sides featured on the menu for the week are intended to be paired with our entrees should you decide to order them.  

How much does Witch Kitch cost?

You can expect the cost of Witch Kitch to change on a weekly basis.  Due to market pricing fluctuations, we are continuously shopping for the best deals for our customers and business.  Our goal is to feature seasonally appropriate produce which also allows for the best price points.  The cost of each item shown on our menu includes everything needed to produce your meals, so you never have to worry about any hidden costs.  The Witch Kitch service is a premium offering intended to eliminate time in the kitchen as a whole.  The majority of our dishes are delivered with the intention of only needing to reheat them before serving.  While there are other platforms in this market that showcase varying prices, we believe that our service offering differs due to there being little to no prep work needed by the customer.  

Do I have to join a subscription if I want to order from Witch Kitch?

Currently, Witch Kitch doesn’t offer any subscriptions.  Menus will be released each month and it will be up to the customer to choose their offerings and place their orders.  If you are interested in signing-up for a subscription, let us know!

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Witch Kitch recognizes the Big 9 Allergens; wheat, soy, milk, fish, shellfish, egg, nuts, tree nuts, and sesame.  Menu items on our website will showcase what allergens are in each specific dish.  Please be advised that Witch Kitch cooks with all major allergens, therefore we are not an allergen-free establishment.  If you have specific questions regarding menu items or your diet, please reach out to us at

Will Witch Kitch deliver to my house?

Yes!  Witch Kitch will be delivered weekly.  We will do our best to accommodate an appropriate delivery time for both parties.  If you are unable to accept a delivery, we will arrange a pick-up for you.  You may opt to have Witch Kitch leave your order at your doorstep.  We are happy to do so but are unable to accept any responsibility for your order should you not bring it in in a timely manner.  Witch Kitch menu items are intended to be placed in the refrigerator or freezer promptly.  

What if I want to order from Witch Kitch but I am located outside the delivery zone?

Witch Kitch will deliver within 5 square miles of Ferndale, Michigan.  If you are not located within our delivery zone, feel free to reach out to us and let us know your location!  We are working to streamline our delivery schedule and will work to make accommodations.  

Does Witch Kitch offer breakfast?

Witch Kitch is constantly evolving their menu.  We will be launching with one weekly breakfast item to start.  If our customer base shows that there is more demand, we will increase our offering. 

Can I put in a suggestion for upcoming menus? 

Yes!  We want Witch Kitch to feel as if we’re your own private chef.  If you ever have menu requests, we would love to hear them and will do our best to accommodate them. 

How will I know how to reheat my meals?

All meals will come with reheating instructions.  Please keep in mind that all oven temperatures vary, so our noted directions should be strictly used as a guideline.  To ensure your food is reheated to the proper temperature, we encourage using a food-grade thermometer until your food has reached an internal temperature of at least 165F.

Can I freeze my Witch Kitch meals?

Some Witch Kitch items are suitable for freezing.  All menu items will come with a label on them noting when they should be consumed by or frozen by.

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