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AYYYEEE! We now offer a variety of cannabis infused foods and smokes made with fresh ingredients on DELIVERY! You can now place your orders online and skip the wait in store. We'll arrive 10 - 30 mins after the order is placed! (during our delivery hours)


Next Delivery Hours: 9/24 FROM 1 - 3p SLT

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All items are in $L and $LC. Pay at delivery.

$375.00 INDICA - Fiery Hot Wings - 5 pk
$375.00 INDICA - Green Gobblin Wings - 5 pk
$375.00 INDICA - Plain Jane Wings - 5 pk
$150.00 INDICA - GMo'ms Sweet Tea - 2 pk
$150.00 INDICA - Tangy Tangerine Shwisher - 2 pk [Available in Regular or Chubby]
$150.00 SATIVA - Choco Marshmallow Cupcake - 2 pk
$150.00 SATIVA - Very Berry Ice Cream - 2 pk
$150.00 SATIVA - The Wiz Ice Cream - 2 pk
$150.00 SATIVA - Watermelon Jungle Juice - 2 pk
$150.00 SATIVA - Gritty Grape Shwisher - 2 pk [Available in Regular or Chubby]
$375.00 RUDERALIS - Smokin' J. Doe Cinnamon Waffles - 5 pk
$375.00 RUDERALIS - Stripper Strawberry Kisses Waffles - 5 pk
$150.00 RUDERALIS - Blazin' Red Velvet Brownie - 2 pk
$150.00 RUDERALIS - White Peach Tea - 2 pk
$150.00 RUDERALIS - Sour-ly Green Apple Shwisher - 2 pk [Available in Regular or Chubby]
$150.00 HYBRID - Menthol Lighted Ice Cream - 2 pk
$150.00 HYBRID - Coco Choco Ice Cream - 2 pk
$150.00 HYBRID - Blazin' Brownie - 2 pk
$150.00 HYBRID - Pop's Lemonade - 2 pk
$150.00 HYBRID - Jabbin' Java Shwisher - 2 pk [Available in Regular or Chubby]

Order Summary

Please provide a SLURL just outside of your unit. Our Delivery person is not permitted inside your home.


Please be ready to PAY at your provided SLURL delivery address. Your delivery driver will IM when outside and wait for a response. After 3 - 5 mins and no reply after arrival, your order will be canceled.


You will pay when your delivery driver arrives. They will give you instructions on when to tap the Apple Pay or Cash App Phone. You have options of paying by $L or $LC. After payment, your delivery will be sent directly to your inventory. Please accept the item when prompted. Rezz to the ground to open. ENJOY LIVING THAT LUXE LIFE!


Tipping is not required, but if you enjoyed our service and items, please feel free to tip your driver in $L.

Your order will be ready 10 - 30 mins. Please have patience as we may have multiple orders during our delivery hours.

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