Grazing Table

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Grazing tables are perfect for any and every event since they include a bit of something for everyone. They are super simple to put together and absolutely delicious.

Loading your grazing platter up with colorful cheeses, fruits, meats and breads will make you seem like the most professional hostess!

At Fig & Olive Co. we love to include delicatessen charcuterie meats, such as genoa, Several other types of salami and prosciutto rosettes decorate the table. Rivers of fresh fruit, such as grapes and berries, are surrounded by embankments of nuts and chocolate. Centerpieces Of cheese, like the honeycomb-adorned  wheels of Brie or the fruit-drenched goat cheese, will have people gravitating around the table; stopping only to appreciate the art of the food-made decor. Fresh artisan breads & crackers will be cascaded throughout the table along with spreads/preserves.

Please note that grazing tables are available on weekends and certain holidays. Grazing tables are available 25 or more guests! Let's get to grazing!